From Zero to Turbo, Marketing and Lending Best Practices.

Here are 3 ways to help you get your auto shopping program from zero to turbo with some Marketing and Lending Best Practices.

FIRST GEAR Marketing: Have a link to your branded auto shopping website somewhere on your site. Make sure your link is clear and visible to the member visiting your website.  It must be descriptive, so members know what to expect when they click on your link.  Below are some examples:

FIRST GEAR Lending: Your credit union knows your member is in the market for a particular vehicle.

SECOND GEAR Marketing: Have a link banner to your branded auto shopping website on your homepage and tell your staff and members about it.  How good is it to have a great tool if nobody knows about it?  Your homepage is the perfect way to spread the news.  It is also better if your staff knows about it.  Tell your members of the free online tools available to them when they are shopping for their next car.

SECOND GEAR Lending: Get involved; is the member pre-approved? Have your staff reach out to your members shopping for a car; a loan opportunity awaits on the next lead you receive.

TURBO Marketing: Have multiple links to your branded auto shopping website, including one on your home page.  Tell your staff and members about it and promote it.  Shoppers are inundated with information every time they get online, and people process information differently.  When you place multiple links throughout your website, you increase the probabilities of members finding what they are looking for, or what they did not know they needed.

TURBO Lending: Now you know a member is shopping for a car, you have contacted the member and discussed loan options. You did everything you were supposed to do, what can go wrong?  Minimize any potential problems by calling the dealer representative, be an advocate for your member, stay at the forefront of the conversation.

Tell your staff about it; make this tool part of their wheelhouse and their training.  Member Auto Center (MAC) is always available to help you with training or webinars for your staff.

Promote this great tool you have available to your members; you don’t have to spend any money to do it.  Talk about it on your social media platforms. Add it to your member newsletter and attach it to your monthly e-statements.  

Create giveaway promotions; MAC will help you promote your branded auto buying website and provide you with the giveaway prize, just contact one of your MAC Support Team Specialists. 

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