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Revolutionize Your Credit Union’s Auto Loan Portfolio with Member Auto Center

August 2023

Credit unions constantly seek innovative ways to attract new members and retain and engage their existing ones. One area where credit unions have a significant opportunity to excel is in the auto loan market. With the rise of online research and car shopping, credit unions must adapt to changing member behaviors and preferences to stay competitive. Member Auto Center (MAC) is a dynamic solution that empowers credit unions to offer their members a car-buying experience while boosting their auto loan portfolio.   MAC’s primary objective is simple yet transformative: to provide credit union members with a comprehensive car shopping program that alleviates the challenges often associated with buying new or pre-owned vehicles and help credit union retain and grow their auto loans.  

The Digital Transformation of Car Buying

Information is at our fingertips in today’s digital age, and the car buying process is no exception. According to recent statistics, 9 out of 10 car buyers initiate their journey by accessing the internet, a number that significantly increases among millennials. As potential car buyers scour the web for information, they are inevitably exposed to numerous finance competitors vying for their attention. This heightened exposure poses a challenge for credit unions, as it can lead to member loans slipping through the cracks. The solution lies in embracing technology and offering online tools that align with what members seek when shopping for their next vehicle. By integrating these tools into their credit union homepage, credit unions can position themselves as comprehensive resources that provide financial solutions and guide members through the entire car buying process.  

The Power of Member Auto Center

Member Auto Center (MAC) is the answer to this modern challenge. By leveraging MAC’s suite of features, credit unions can elevate their offerings and provide an all-encompassing car-buying experience for their members. Here’s how: Empowering Members with Information: MAC equips credit unions with the means to offer valuable information to members at every stage of their car-buying journey. From detailed vehicle specifications and reviews to comprehensive financing options, members can access everything they need without leaving the credit union’s website.

Seamless Online Experience: A user-friendly interface is crucial for maintaining member engagement. MAC ensures a seamless online experience, enabling members to explore vehicles, compare prices, and calculate payments effortlessly.  

Personalized Financing Solutions: By integrating MAC’s financial tools, credit unions can provide members with customized financing solutions tailored to their unique needs and circumstances. This personal touch sets credit unions apart from generic online finance competitors.  

Building Member Loyalty: When credit unions position themselves as trusted advisors throughout the car-buying journey, they foster member loyalty and create lasting relationships. This loyalty extends beyond the auto loan transaction, contributing to overall member satisfaction.  

Boosting Auto Loan Portfolio: With its holistic approach to car buying, MAC enables credit unions to grow their auto loan portfolio by capturing a larger share of their members’ car purchases. Credit unions can compete with standalone auto lenders more effectively by offering competitive rates and exceptional service.  

Credit Union Customized Car Shopping Websites: MAC’s credit union websites can be customized with your credit union’s branding, content, promotional banners, preferred dealers and links, including to your auto loan applications.

In the digital era, credit unions must leverage technology to meet the evolving needs of their members. Member Auto Center (MAC) offers credit unions a strategic advantage by providing a comprehensive car-buying experience that enhances member satisfaction and boosts auto loan portfolios. By seamlessly integrating MAC’s features into their online platforms, credit unions can position themselves as valuable resources and trusted partners throughout the car buying journey. This proactive approach ensures member retention and secures credit unions’ relevance in an increasingly competitive market.  

Ready to Elevate Your Credit Union’s Auto Loan Services?

Transform your credit union’s auto loan portfolio with Member Auto Center and revolutionize how your members experience car buying. Say goodbye to lost member loans and hello to increased member loyalty and engagement. Embrace the power of technology, personalized solutions, and member-centricity.   Stand out from the competition and create lasting connections with your members. Schedule a demo today to discover how Member Auto Center can reshape your credit union’s future and drive success in the dynamic financial services landscape. Your members deserve the best – give them the car-buying experience they won’t forget. Contact us at  

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